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ER Fixed Flush Element Probe 2700/2705

Model 2700 and 2705 fixed process probes have a flat strip measuring element sealed and mounted at the end of a heavy walled stainless steel tube. The measuring element can be positioned flush with the inner surface of the pipe or vessel. Corrosion or erosion can then be measured right at this surface, and the lines may be pigged without moving the probes. 

The Model 2705 is smaller in size but limited to a sensitive S8 element. For higher corrosion rate, the larger Model 2700 provides for thicker elements. These probes may be used in any organic or inorganic environment up to a pH of 9.

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ER Fixed Flush Element 2700/2705 Probe

  • Mounting - 1 ½” NPT Fixed (2700)
                    ¾” NPT Fixed (2705)
  • Temp. Rating - +500° F/+260° C
  • Pressure Rating - 4000 PSI/27.6MPa
  • Element Seal Material –
    -Ryton (Model 2700)
    -Glass (Model 2705)
  • Fill Material - Ceramic
  • Probe Body Material – Stainless Steel 


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