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The life of a production well is based on many factors. With proper monitoring and maintenance, the integrity of the well, especially the downhole tubing is vital for safety, environmental, and economical reasons. Production wells typically contain water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulphide. This combination of elements along with varying temperatures, creates an extremely corrosive environment, subjecting, the downhole tubing to corrosion damage including metal loss and pitting.

The newly re-designed DCMS Downhole Corrosion Monitoring System provides continuous corrosion history of downhole
tubing. The DCMS™ tool is another Cosasco innovation, and the only tool available which provides recorded corrosion and temperature data for the hostile conditions of downhole operation. The sensitivity of the system enables the film persistence of inhibitors to be evaluated in actual operating conditions, something that was not possible prior to the development of the DCMS™.
An optional coupon holder assembly consisting of up to nine metal loss strip, pre-stressed or tensile coupons for subsequent analysis of material degradation due to pitting and stress corrosion cracking, can be attached to the sucker rod
connection of the Downhole Tool. It also acts a secondary corrosion rate measurement to compare with the ER probe


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