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Data Loggers

Dataloggers collect continuous corrosion history in oil, gas, and water applications with less stable conditions and identify the magnitude and timing of all corrosion upsets. Their many features make them the preferred choice for many situations:

 Flexibility to operate anywhere, anytime through battery power

• Just minutes to install and run

• Simple data transfer directly to a PC, or via our handheld portable instrument

• Certified Intrinsically Safe (UL/CSA/ATEX) for use in electrically hazardous areas

• Quick and easy data analysis with Corrdata Plus Software


MICROCOR®  High Speed ER
Microcor Data loggers provide for autonomous corrosion/erosion data collection and are functional in all environments. With extended battery life Microcor Data loggers ensure years of uninterrupted operation.
Standard Electrical Resistance (ER)
Standard Electrical Resistance (ER)
Remote Data Collectors (RDC’s) are used at every probe location where maximum visibility and sensitivity to corrosion rate changes are required. Readings of corrosion and temperature data may be set as frequently as every five minutes for RDC-COT. Programming of all the RDC's, and data ... [more]
DCMS™ Downhole
DCMS™ Downhole
The DCMS Downhole Corrosion Monitoring System provides continuous corrosion history of downhole tubing. The DCMS™ tool is another Cosasco innovation, and the only tool available which provides recorded corrosion and temperature data for the hostile conditions of downhole ... [more]