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Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is recognized as a major corrosion problem, which costs the oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical and food processing industries millions of dollars a year in inspection, repair and replacement costs. CUI can be detrimental to the integrity of an insulated pipeline or vessel if not detected early on, causing leaks leading to possible catastrophic events.

Cosasco offers three low cost methods of monitoring CUI including, Continuous Insulated Braid “corrosion fuse” Wire (Type 1), Inserted “corrosion fuse” probe array (Type 2), and CUI Corrosometer® Probe (Type 3).  These three techniques offer direct corrosion detection and a much lower cost per monitoring point than existing methods and may be customized to meet individual requirements and applications to fit with any plant integrity management program.

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