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ULTRACORR® Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic is the most common non-intrusive device for internal corrosion monitoring and detection. The use of high frequency sound waves for the measurement of ferrous and non-ferrous materials has been employed since the Second World War. Technological advancements through the years have improved the resolution of the measurements, and the speed of operation, in addition to the reduction in the size and weight of the instrumentation.
Cosasco’s Applications Ultracorr® utilizes high sensitivity ultrasonic technology to provide non-intrusive monitoring of corrosion and erosion. The instrument can be used to log multiple transducers from a common connection point, to provide periodic time and date stamped measurements of wall thickness, or for more critical applications. It can automatically collect and store continuous measurements from a single transducer. Unlike normal ultrasonic devices, Ultracorr is capable of monitoring low rates of corrosion at a resolution of one tenth of a mil and once installed, Ultracorr provides years of continuous service without the need for replacement.