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Corrosion Coupons

Corrosion coupons are one of the longest used methods for the study of corrosion and its effects. They are relatively small, easily inserted and retrieved, and are an economical means of determining cause and effect of corrosion.

Cosasco® corrosion and erosion metal loss monitoring coupons are specially made for corrosion and erosion studies and are manufactured to the most demanding standards. Generally, corrosion coupons should be of an alloy the same as, or similar in chemical composition to the pipeline or vessel that is being monitored. Cosasco will manufacture Cosasco® monitoring coupons in any configuration, and from any material, whether provided by Cosasco or by the customer. Evaluation of welds can be made by utilizing corrosion monitoring coupons with weld beads applied, or evaluation of scale by use of strip scale coupons. All coupons are certified in writing to show serial numbers, weights (furnished in grams to four decimal points), dimensions, material, and surface finishes. Cosasco® coupons are individually packaged in moisture resistant, vapor phase inhibited envelopes with a corrosion free shelf life of one year.

Cosasco standard corrosion coupons are furnished with a ground surface finish or directional sanded surface finish. All coupons are furnished “as machined” unless otherwise specified. The exception is Cosasco standard G10180 which is annealed. Strip and ladder type corrosion monitoring coupons, which are generally used in pairs, are furnished with nylon insulation. Hardware for these coupons is furnished with the corrosion coupon holders. Teflon insulation and hardware for disc type coupons are provided with their compatible coupon holders.



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