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Corrosion and Erosion Consultancy

Corrosion and Erosion Consultancy

Cosasco skilled field technicians are trained and certified to only the highest standards to provide an unsurpassed quality of service. We offer a complete range of services from installation and retrieval of corrosion monitoring devices to corrosion/erosion data analysis. Cosasco will make every effort to provide you with the most efficient and affordable products and services with safety and quality as a number one priority.

All work carried out is done in accordance with Cosasco Work and Instructions and Risk Assessments. These documents ensure services are performed with safety as the most important factor of the operation. When services are concluded a final report and recommendations are verified and issued. All services rendered and data collected are entered into a database for future reference.

Services Include:

  • Hot Tapping of new Access Fittings
  • Online retrieval and servicing of corrosion monitoring and chemical injection devices
  • Access Fitting Re-facing
  • Servicing of both mechanical and hydraulic systems
  • Corrosion coupon & corrosion/erosion data analysis
  • Side-stream corrosion rate analysis & chemical optimization
  • Well Testing & Erosion Studies


Well Testing & Erosion Studies

Wellhead Corrosion TestingSolids production is a distinct possibility when producing from unconsolidated formations or simply during clean-up operations subsequent to drilling operations. Solids production can have serious ramifications for surface equipment. If not detected, excessive production of solids will result in erosion of production pipelines and the produced solids can settle at unacceptable levels in process equipment. Even minor amounts of solids may cause damaging erosion effects over time.

The Microcor Erosion probe can reliably measure solids erosion with exceptional sensitivity. The high sensitivity ensures that any solids production with sufficient velocity to cause erosion is reliably detected, with an almost immediate response (a few minutes) if the solids production rate is significant. The probe measures accumulated metal loss directly, giving reliable information in situations where the solids content is low, but still sufficient to cause erosion over time. This long time sensitivity is unique compared to common non-intrusive technologies, which may not detect sand that periodically drops below the detection threshold. An ECHO transducer array on an elbow of the test spool provides additional data and risk management.

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