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Chemical Injection System

corrosion monitoring retractable injector/sampling tube assembly
Cosasco® Retractable System Injection/Sampling Tube Assemblies
corrosion monitoring chemical injection assembly
Cosasco® Injection and Sampling Assemblies

One of the most practical preventive maintenance methods for minimizing or controlling corrosion in product pipelines, vessels, etc., is to treat the corrosive environment with chemical inhibitors.

While corrosion inhibition is a complex technology and is under constant study and development, it is an effective means of corrosion control. Using the Cosasco® Injection System for easy, reliable access, inhibitors can be injected with safety and simplicity while under full operating pressure. In addition, a variety of injection devices and systems can be used to provide the most efficient delivery and dispersion for a given application.

As chemical additives, such as corrosion inhibitors, are very expensive, efficient use is of great concern to the oil and gas production company. To this end, Cosasco also offers our RDC-CI Chemical Injection Data Logger. This battery operated device, which can be used in remote environments, attaches to the discharge side of the chemical injection pump to measure the exact output and continously store the information in a Remote Data Collector.

Cosasco® Model 6330 Retractable System Injection and Sampling Tube Assemblies

Cosasco® Model 63 Injection and Sampling Assemblies

Model RDC-CI Chemical Injection Data Logger

Cosasco corrosion monitoring solutions can be completely integrated into your existing process. Our field services division is experienced in corrosion monitoring implementation.





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