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Chemical Injection and Optimization

Chemical Injection and Corrosion ControlClick here to see how you can reduce corrosion rates and optimize chemical delivery and operations efficiency.

Chemical over-treatment can be expensive especially with corrosion prevention chemicals, and under-treatment can be catastrophic and even more costly. The effects of the inhibitor can be seen almost immediately by the reduction in corrosion rate, assuring accurate dosing every time.
Proper injection and dispersement of chemicals are critical to the integrity of the pipe. If not properly dispersed, some chemicals can be highly corrosive causing significant metal loss to the point of pipeline failure. 
With our online integrated systems approach, we can provide you with a total corrosion monitoring  and chemical injection package based on your specific application. Comprehensive corrosion data fed into one of our corrosion management servers or DCS, provides continuous data so chemical injection rates can be adjusted in real-time. Our extensive range of chemical injection equipment covers a wide range of applications and seamlessly integrates with our access equipment and tools.

Cosasco offers a wide option of chemical delivery options

High pressure chemical injection system

Cosasco offers a wide option of delivery options from standard NPT to robust flanged side tees for chemical injection into high pressure systems.  Chemicals can be injected through a variety of side tee connections with custom designs to meet your operating and safety requirements.  

Mounting Options

Side Tee Options 
  • Flarweld
  • Buttweld
  • Socketweld
  • NPT
  • RF & RJ Flanged
  • NPT
  • RF  & RJ Flanged
  • Socketweld
  • Buttweld

Click here for further details and specifications.

Low pressure chemical injection system

Control chemical dosing and dispersement with Cosasco’s retractable chemical injection/sampling tube assemblies. In systems with pressures up to 1500 psi a retractable method of injection is preferred. 

The injection/sampling tube can be inserted into the precise location within the process fluid and adjusted if there is a change in the flow pattern or velocities.

  • Easily removable for inspection, routine maintenance or insertion in another location
  • Adjustable for accurate line positioning
  • Wide range of quills and nozzles available

Click here for further details and specifications.

Fixed chemical injection system

Cosasco Flanged Injection Quills provide a safe and economical means of injecting chemical inhibitors into a pipeline or vessel in both low and high velocity flow lines. 

The flanged injection quill can be connected to any type of standard isolating valve, including double isolation. A separate flanged injection component provides safe and efficient means of isolating the line without having to sacrifice either the isolating valve or the flanged quill if one has to be replaced due to damage or malfunction, whereas a single isolating valve/injection component combination would have to be completely replaced.
  • All welded design for highest integrity
  • For low or high velocity flow lines
  • Streamlined designed quill for high velocity applications
  • Various materials available

Inject a wide variety of chemicals

Cosasco chemical injection equipment may be used with a wide variety of chemicals and across a broad range of industries and applications. From algeacides used in water treatment plants to corrosion inhibitors in oil and gas production our chemical injection devices deliver the right dosage in the most effective means possible. Complete corrosion control gives you peace of mind and reduction in your bottom line.
  • Corrosion/Scale Inhibitors
  • Biocides
  • Boiler Water Chemicals
  • Demulsifiers
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Oxidants
  • Flocculants
  • Neutraliziing Agents
  • Dewaxers


Broad range of applications

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Processing 
  • Pipeline 
  • Heavy Manufacturing 
  • Cooling Systems



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