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Pulp and Paper

Environmental monitoring system image
Environmental Condition Monitor with Silver and Copper Corrosion Sensors
The pulp and paper industry generates sales of over 165
billion dollars in the United States alone, with more than 300 pulp mills and 550 paper mills in operation. According to the Corrosion Costs and Preventive Strategies in the United States report by CC Technologies Laboratories, Inc. corrosion costs the industry on average 5.92 billion dollars annually, approximately 3.6% of total U.S. sales.
In the pulp and paper industry corrosion is prevalent in every step of the production process. Acidic chemicals used at varying temperatures and pressures in the production process create ideal conditions for the formation of corrosive gases. These gases are often able to diffuse into other areas of the plant wreaking havoc with vulnerable equipment such as electronics. Tough competition in the pulp and paper industry has forced operators to reduce maintenance and equipment replacement costs through tighter control of atmospheric corrosion. 
Cosasco  developed the ECM specifically to
answer this need. The ECM is a multi-parameter
environmental corrosion monitor that provides continual
surveillance of the surrounding atmosphere. It uses one silver
and one copper sensor to detect the severity of atmospheric
corrosion while simultaneously detecting relative humidity,
temperature, and differential pressure.

Environmental Condition Monitor (ECM)

Atmospheric Probe

Atmospheric Corrosion Sensor