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Corrosion Monitoring Products
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Remote Monitoring Units (RMU)

Remote Monitoring Units (RMU's) are available for the measurement and communication of cathodic protection (CP) parameters, corrosion monitoring information and other process information from field locations where AC power is readily available. For remote and locations without AC power, battery or solar powered RMU systems with cellular telephone or two-way paging are available.

Remote Monitoring Units

Remote Monitoring Units are widely used by:

  • Customers with rectifiers
  • Customers with critical bonds
  • Customers who perform interrupted surveys
  • Pipeline systems
  • Customers with cathodic protection that need to be monitored


Remote Monitoring Units

Remote monitoring provides four main benefits:

  • Regulatory Benefits
    • Immediately detect alarm conditions
    • Takes scheduled readings on time
  • Additional Benefits
    • Safety and environmental benefits
    • Risk Reduction
  • Improve system integrity
    • More accurate data
    • More frequent data collection
    • Improved record keeping
    • Immediately detect system faults
  • Effective Use of “Knowledge Resources”
    • Reallocate staff from data collection to system maintenance tasks

Cost Savings

Remote Monitoring Units

Remote Monitoring Units provide costs savings by:

  • Elimination of manual reads
  • Reduced annual/close interval surveys
  • Collection of  more data  

Corrosion Monitoring Industries

Industries Served

It is common to find remote monitoring systems installed on:

  • Pipelines (Oil, Gas, Water)
  • Distribution and Transmission Pipelines
  • Terminals
  • Steel in Concrete (Bridges, balconies)
  • Industrial and Power Plants
  • Marine Structures (Piers, Offshore Platforms)
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